Tricks to Clean Stains from Your Carpets

Tricks to Clean Stains from Your Carpets

10 February, 2017

The carpets are an especial part of a house or apartment because that accesory provides a decorative and esthetical way to adorn any part of any home, thats the reason why people take care a lot this accesory to create a clean and comfortable place for they and their family. With this article it´s posible stay clean and neat any carpet using only products that are easy to find in a common home.

The first product that can be used as a carpet cleaning agent is Ammonia, a cup of this product with two litters of warm water can make dissapear any type of stains, doesn´t care if are wine or juice stains, this product make magic with all the carpets.

The second product that may be used as a cleaner is common Vinegar, this antisepthic product is used to desifect any area of the carpet and clean the affected area of those stains, the vinegar components can penetrate the fibres of the carpet and clean in deep any stain in sight.

The third and last product is salt with rubbing alcohol, this combination create a barrier to protect and clean any part of a carpet, also is an antisepthic way to protect the carpets.

These carpet cleaners helps a lot to mantain any house clean and neat, especially against any stain of any product, this article shows that cleaning is a right for everyone.

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